Jacob, Ophthalmic Technician at Affleck MD Eye Care


Ophthalmic technician
  • Experience:
    Became an ophthalmic technician in January 2021

Jacob started working with Affleck M.D. Eye Care as a young man cleaning the office and entering data.  In January of 2021 he was asked to become an ophthalmic technician in between his schooling.  Jacob brings to the office a great sense of humor.  His curiosity of learning thrives at the office as he is daily exposed to new adventures. As part of his responsibilities working directly with the patients he summaries patient’s medical history.  This is his favorite part of his job because he hears their “unique stories.”  He respects Affleck M.D. Eye Care patients and enjoys doing extra to help patients feel comfortable.

Jacob is going to school to finish his bachelor in engineering.  He has three brothers and has many outdoor hobbies.  His real talent lies  in playing video games with his brothers as together they work to be victorious.