Kyane, Front Desk Staff at Affleck MD Eye Care


ophthalmic technician, front desk
  • Experience:
    Worked with people since 2005
  • Certificates:
    EMT, CPR

Kyane joined the Affleck M. D. Eye Care team in 2021, as front desk staff. After a short time she was trained to become an ophthalmic technician. She has found patient from this area value their sight and understand the importance for ophthalmic care.  Kyane remarks, “I enjoy the high tech procedures, such as LASIK when working with Dr. Affleck. His patients care varies from routine to extreme trauma so I am always learning something new.”

As part of Kyane’s tasks she must move quickly and stay focused. One moment she will be giving a special test and the next greeting another patient on the phone. She is remarkably organized and knowing the specific needs of each patient’s she works with is important to her. Kyane is constantly assisting staff members so nothing can be missed, rarely taking a sits at the office.

Kyane’s friendly, joking manner is always welcomed at the office.  Kyane not only enjoys working with patients but loves animals.  She is the youngest of four girls.