Financial Assistance


Medical Financial Assitance

At Affleck M.D. Eye Care we are proud to help under insured patient apply for Mountain View Charity (MVC) for medical financial assistance. This funding is used to fill in the gaps that insurance neglects.

Who Can Receive Funding?

Southeastern Idaho patients. Seniors with restricted incomes are strongly recommend to apply.

What Does Under Insured Mean?

Normally, patients without secondary or supplement insurance. Coupled with high deductible , co-pay or co-insurance amounts.

What Are The Deadlines?

Patient must request the funding BEFORE the services are preformed.

How Do I Apply?

You must apply through Affleck M.D. Eye Care. Ask for Stephanie at 208-523-6868


Asked at Affleck M.D. Eye Care

It all starts with an exam with Dr. Affleck. Call us at 208-523-6868

We do not require formal documentation like taxes or paystubs. However, you will need to explain why you need the funding.  Many have high deductibles, or restricted incomes

Please call Affleck M.D. Eye Care and ask for the billing department if you have any questions on filling out the form.

The amount will cover items like copays, coinsurance and deductibles.

No, it will not cover non-covered services.