We Love LASIK and the Benefits Our Patients Can Experience!

You’ll find so many differences that make Affleck, MD Eye Care and Dr. Affleck the right place for your LASIK surgery that you’ll wonder why you considered anywhere else.

Doctor/Patient relationship

Many of our patients have been amazed to learn that Dr. Affleck personally sees you for  your pre-operative appointment, taking the measurements of your eye to determine the right correction for your procedure and not relying on someone else’s measurements.  Dr Affleck inputs the calculations into the LASIK laser on the day of surgery from those measurements.  From your first post-operative appointment the next day to your last post-operative appointment you will see Dr. Affleck every time, ensuring answers to all your questions from your surgeon!   Glasses and contacts are limited in their ability to correct unique imperfections in each individual’s vision.  In fact, thousands of individuals have the same prescription.   Dr. Affleck understands that every Lasik experience is individual and appreciates following his patients and ensuring their best possible outcome!

Every day of the week we offer Free LASIK Screenings where the technicians will measure the prescription of your glasses and check your vision with and without the correction of contacts or glasses.  They also measure your corneal thickness and map the natural shape of your cornea.  All these tests allow Dr. Affleck to quickly rule out specific corneal disease that would interfere with Lasik.  Our staff is available to answer any questions you may have throughout the entire process.  They will even be there with you on Surgery day!

Experience and Training

With over two decades of experience in Lasik and thousands of successful surgeries Dr. Affleck has seen many changes in techniques, lasers, and treatable prescriptions.  This gives him the experience to personalize your procedure based on past experience.  Sight is precious and this area of medicine has ever-changing medical technology and techniques.  Dr. Affleck is proactive in staying up-to –date in his knowledge and skills in this constantly evolving field.  He blends advance medicine, cost and benefits to bring to you remarkable and satisfying Lasik results.

Surgical Outcomes

Dr. Afflecks enhancement rate is lower than the national average.  This means nearly all his patients have 20/20 with their single treatment.  20/20 is a measurement for vision and considered one of the most desired outcome.


Our fees are all-inclusive for the first year after surgery including all of your visits, Pre-op appointments, measurements and a FREE enhancement if needed in the first year.  Often Lasik patients experience drier eyes than previous and we also include punctal plugs if needed after surgery.  Living in our dry climate patients find it a soothing and comfortable relief to Dry Eyes!  The only additional cost you may have is for the eye drops used at the time of surgery.


The VISX STAR S4 is an excimer laser by VISX,® a pioneer in the development of excimer laser systems. The VISX STAR S4 laser is produces the smoothest surface on the cornea after the procedure than other lasers. This promotes faster healing which results in better vision. The STAR S4 laser is FDA approved to treat nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism.  The VISX includes 3D ActiveTrak® EyeTracker which tracks the horizontal, vertical, up and down motion of the eye in real time allowing the laser VISX® laser automatically position and align the laser beam during the procedure for laser eye surgery results that are 25 times more accurate.

VISX’s FDA clinical study results were remarkable.  At six months after their procedure

  • 100% of patients could see 20/40 or better
  • 94% achieved 20/20 or better
  • 74% were 20/16 or better

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Josh's LASIK Adventure

Join Josh’s LASIK Adventure from start to finish with Dr. Affleck and the Affleck M.D. Eye Care Staff


Ask Aaron J. Affleck, M.D.

It all starts with an exam with Dr. Affleck. Call us at at 208-523-6868! 

You need to be at least 18 years of age, have a stable eyeglass prescription for at least one year (ideally 2 years), be in good general health, and have not been pregnant or nursing in the last six months.  Also NOT become pregnant in the upcoming six months.  In addition have no progressive history of eye diseases such as cataracts, glaucoma, keratoconus, or certain retinal and optic nerve diseases. Other conditions will be explained after the screening.

Your cornea shape can be changed from wearing contact lenses.  Depending on the type of contact, it takes 2 to 8 weeks after you have stopped using them for the shape of the cornea to return to its natural state.  Negative consequences can result from not leaving your contact lenses out long enough and your cornea not assuming its natural shape before treatment.

Care Credit

Your Lasik/PRK dilated exam, pre-operative appointment, surgical kit, treatment, and a minimum of 6 post operative exams. (You need to be seen one day, one week, one month, three months, six months and one year after your treatment).  If your care requires more visits those will be included along with any enhancements for 12 months after your treatment.

We recommend you not work the day of your treatment.  The Affleck Eye Care staff will also inform you of other activity restrictions.   Normally you may return to work the following day after your post operative exam. However, your activities must allow you to stop and frequently apply lubricant drops.

Before treatment, contact lens wear is restricted before your dilated Lasik/PRK exam and strongly recommended before your treatment.  Afterwards, there are restrictions on swimming, using hot tubs, stressing your eyes, and wearing make-up.  For the first 24 hours after treatment your eyes may be sensitive to light, blurry or cloudy so plan your activities accordingly.  Consult our staff for all the restrictions.

If treatment is not performed within 90 days after your dilated Lasik/PRK exam re-measurements are needed and there may be an additional charge.  The total treatment fee can change without notice.

Many people delay Lasik surgery because of the fear of pain or something touching their eye.  This is a common concern; however, a majority of Lasik patients found the surgery to have mild to no pain.  Only a local anesthetic and mild sedative is used during the surgery. Lasik is also considered one of the safest procedures and is therefore allow to be done on both eyes in a single surgery.

At Affleck, MD Eye Care we do not charge by how much correction is needed.  However, there is a difference in cost of the LASIK vs PRK. An additional cost is added when you elect treatment which uses certain techniques and equipment.  Cost is given in a price range until you have been examined by Dr. Affleck.  At this time it is determined which procedure is best and you then are educated on your other choices and their costs.  There is no hidden cost and you will be informed after the exam the final cost of surgery.

The Laser tracks the movement of the eye and will stop if the eye moves out of alignment.  The sedative given helps limits eye movement.

What payment options are available?

◙ CareCredit® Healthcare Financing offers low monthly payment plans
◙ Cash or Check      ◙ Health Savings Account (HSA)
◙ Credit Cards          ◙ Health Reimbursement Account (HRA)
◙ Flex Account (FSA)
It is rare for insurances to cover the treatment. Contact your insurance for those details.

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