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Bring the WOW back into your vision with ALL BLADELESS LASIK. Advances in technology allows more people than ever to benefit from LASIK

Dr. Affleck treats blocked tear ducts of all ages

Commonly misdiagnosed in adults, blocked tear ducts can decrease your vision, cause pain and lead to other eye problems.

Aaron J. Affleck performing and eye exam

Comprehensive eye exam (dilated) is necessary for an accurate evaluation of the eyes and the ability to examine the inside of the eye.

elderly woman undergoing eye treatment or checkup

Glaucoma, the silent thief of sight, may not be symptoms until the damage is done. Glaucoma is not curable or revisable.


Then a Video Is Worth a Million

Josh Tielor LASIK Adventure

Join Josh in his journey from glasses to LASIK

Doug's Eye Lid surgery Experience

Doug had received two eye lid surgeries from another doctor before seeking care from Aaron J. Affleck, M.D.

“Per patient’s request, the testimony (audio) is from Dr. Affleck’s patient Doug. The Video is a representation of Doug, but not his image. ”

Dilated (Fundus) Eye Exam

“Courtesy: National Eye Institute, National Institutes of Health (NEI/NIH)”

Vision (Refractive Error) Eye Problems

“Courtesy: National Eye Institute, National Institutes of Health (NEI/NIH)”

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