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Affleck,  MD Eye Care invites you  to explore  this patient-education-resource website. It should guide and assist you in your learning of the latest in eye care and eye care technology.  As you gain knowledge of Dr. Affleck and his services we are certain you will also become confident in his abilities.  Since this website is for information purposes only and not intended to be medical advice please call us today for an appointment at 208-523-6868.

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Dr. Affleck welcomes new patients and can provide you with specialized and individual eye care.  We look forward  seeing  you and your family!

Testimonial Disclaimer

Please note everyone is unique and your results of treatment or surgery may vary from those providing a review or testimonial for Affleck M.D. Eye Care and Dr. Affleck.  Affleck M.D. Eye Care, Dr. Affleck and staff cannot guarantee, or promise you will have the same experience and/or outcome as another.

Direct testimonials are testimonials placed on the website and other social media by Affleck M.D. Eye Care staff or others working on the behalf of Affleck M.D. Eye Care.

No individuals (unless indicated in testimonial/review) who have provided  reviews or testimonials on this website or other social media in connection with Affleck M.D. Eye Care, Dr. Affleck or staff have been paid or compensated for giving their opinions.

 From time to time an endorser may have a relationship to Affleck M.D. Eye Care, Dr. Affleck or staff either by family, employment or close friend.  In these cases if Affleck M.D. Eye Care, Dr. Affleck or staff directly add these endorsements (Direct testimonials).  We will identify that the review is from either family, employees or close friends with the diamond “♦” at the end of the comment.  Please call Stephanie at 208-523-6868 for more details of the relationship.

However, since reviews may come from other sources, such as links to Facebook, Yelp, Google, Med MD and etc. Affleck M.D. Eye Care, Dr. Affleck or staff may not become  aware of the review or have the ability to add a disclosure comment.  In these cases Affleck M.D. Eye Care, Dr. Affleck and staff are not liable for the disclosure.

In some cases direct testimonials may only contain portions of the comments due to length of remarks.  However, the wording is not changed, and the message contains enough information so as to not be misleading.


HIPAA does not allow us to disclose patient’s full name.  And in some cases the pictures of the patient (when requested by patient) may only be a representation of the person to help conceal the patient’s identity.  If an image is replaced, it will represent the patient’s basic features such as age, gender and race.  If the pictures has been replaced it will be identified with a heart “♥” at the end of the comment. Please call Stephanie at 208-523-6868 for more details.

In the case of before and after photos, all pictures are of actual patients of Dr. Affleck and written permission has been obtained. Please call Stephanie at 208-523-6868 for more details.