Dr. Affleck preforms several different oculoplastic surgeries.  As a result, he treats eyelids, eye brows, and tear ducts for both children and adults.

Laser-Assisted Blocked Tear Duct Surgery

Free Your Tears!

Dr. Affleck is the first ophthalmologist in Eastern Idaho to uses laser technology in his oculoplastic surgeries. And these surgeries unblock tear ducts obstructed by bone. This procedure can take between 45-60 minutes and is performed under general anesthetic. Therefore, If you suffer from excessive tearing, redness of the white part of your eye, or have painful swelling near the inside corner of your eye, call us today!

Eyelid Surgery

Correct Drooping Eyelids & Bags Under Your Eyes

Eyelid surgery, or Blepharoplasty, removes skin, fat and muscle that contribute to droopy eyes. The surgery lasts between one to three hours where you’ll be given local anesthesia.  You may be sensitive to light, experience double or blurred vision, or have excessive tearing. However, all will start to subside after the first few weeks. Typically, healing is slow, but the results are great.

Droopy eyelids are not just about your appearance. Your vision can be compromised if loose eye lid skin covers part of your pupil, for instance.  As a result, this condition is treatable and considered medically necessary. This means in many cases insurance covers the procedure. Therefore, schedule a free screening with Dr. Affleck’s staff to see if you could qualify at 208-523-6868. When it’s time to see the world as you deserve, it’s time to see Dr. Affleck. Affleck Eye Care, brightening the world one pair of eyes at a time
Dr. Affleck treats blocked tear ducts of all ages

Commonly misdiagnosed in adults, blocked tear ducts can decrease your vision, cause pain and lead to other eye problems.