Dropless Cataract Surgery

What Can You Do In 30 Minutes?

While Cataract surgery is believed to be one of the safest and most common surgeries done in the USA. A key element to its safety is medication during healing. Unfortunately, traditional surgery requires the average post cataract patient to place three drops in their eyes. These drops are placed two-three times a day, for weeks,  ideally waiting five minutes for absorption between each drop.  These means almost 30 minutes a day or 3 1/2 hours a week.

Dr. Affleck’s Dropless Cataract surgery saves times, money and in most cases the medication is diffused more effectively. To learn more call us at 208-523-6868.

Cataract surgery can be more than removing a cloudy lens. Enhance your lifstyle and take advantage of technology designed to provide clear vision at near, intermediate and Far distances. Ask Dr. Affleck for the PanOptix IOL. Asking for a PanOptix IOL normally results in Freedom from dependency on glasses for most of your daily activities.

Dr. Affleck offers premium lens options for cataract removal, including PanOptix and TORIC lenses.


Step of cataract removal
No-stitch, small incision technique; improves patient's comfort and reduces recovery time

Description & Process

Cataracts are when lenses inside the eye clouded over, making it more difficult to see clearly.  To treat individuals suffering from cataracts, the nature cloudy lens is replaced permanently with an artificial lens implant called an IOL ( intraocular lens).  

Dr. Affleck will make a small incision in the eye. Then he uses equipment called a phacoemulsification.  This breaks up the lens and the parts of lens are gently suctioned out.  The last step is to inset your replacement lens, the IOL.  During this procedure he will place medication which will absorb slowly.  This medications replaces the need for postoperative medication drop call for most patients.  However, over-the-counter lubrications drops should  be applied as needed.


To qualify for health insurance to cover cataract removal there are several conditions that must be met.

First, is a lifestyle change complaint. Can you no longer knit or do close up work because it is too hard to see? Have you stop golfing, shooting or other sports because of your poor vision.? When your decreased vision stops you from doing hobbies, activities or worse daily tasks it is time to see Dr. Affleck.

Second, is you are unable to see 20/20 (even with aid like glasses) is another condition to be met. Some people will clean their glasses several times a day. They feel there is a film on them. But it is not the lenses on their face, it it the lenses inside their eyes that is decreasing the vision.

Last, glare or halos issues must also be involved to qualify for cataract treatment. When bright lines or circles surround a light source you are experiencing glare and halos. At Affleck M.D. Eye Care a quick, painless test can be done to see if your vision is being decreased by glare.

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Dr. Affleck is recognized as the first surgeon in Eastern Idaho to successfully perform dropless cataract surgery.  During the dropless cataract surgery, Dr. Affleck surrounds the eye with antibiotics and steroids before removing the cataracts from the eye and replacing them with a clear lens. This diminishes or eliminates the need for the patient to use eye drops after the surgery. This saves the patient time and money and reduces discomfort. Because of Dr. Affleck’s extensive skill, now other ophthalmologists in the area offer this variation on cataract surgery.