CeeCee, Head Ophthalmic Technician at Affleck MD Eye Care


Head Ophthalmic Technician
  • Experience:
    Over 30 years in the eye care services
  • Core Skills:
    Optician, Ophthalmic Tech, Customer service

CeeCee’s years of experience enrich every patient she encounters at Affleck M.D. Eye Care.  She started a career in the eye care field just after high school. She uses her extensive knowledge to help patient express their needs.  She understand our special needs patients, have a daughter of her own in a similar situation. She is respectful and caring with them. She makes each one feel loved.

“One of the best perks about working in the eye care field is that you never have the same day twice. Every patent’s reason for coming in is unique.  I really enjoy helping in the process of improving their lives;” CeeCee shares

No matter what kind of day you are having, when you visit CeeCee at the office she will bring a smile to your face.  Her positive attitude and sense of humor is normally why everyone is either grinning or laughing at the office. The services she provides however, is why she is a treasured favorite to most patients and staff.

CeeCee’s and her family of four have a deep love for horses.  The family breeds and train them.  Her son, shines in the arena!