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Your child might be missing more than the ball. Children don’t recognize what they can’t see. Therefore, it is vital during their childhood, children are given proper eye care. When parents team up with their primary health provider and provide timely vision screening, the results will be winning vision.  These regular eye screening should happen often.  At birth, 3 months, 6 months, 12 month, age 3, age 5 and more if recommended. Once a concern is identified a visit with Dr. Affleck is the next step. 

One of the main concerns of children’s eye development is a condition called amblyopia. Amblyopia happens when the brain ignores vision in one of the eyes. The brain does this because the eyes are not working together as a team. Children don’t grow out of this condition and once grown up it cannot be reversed, resulting in permanent vision loss. Therefore, it must be treated in their early years before the age of 8.  After the age 8, success from treatment significantly decreases.

A result of non-treatment is loss of vision and/or loss of depth perception. Depth perception is used in sports; our eyes and brain tell us how far something is from us. Hitting a baseball can be a struggle or impossible for people with depth perception problems. Driving is another activity negatively affected. Not being able to tell how far away cars are can be very dangerous.

Blonde, shaggy-haired child with healthy green eyes holding sports balls

Step up to the plate, be a team player, and hit that home run for your child. Set your child up for a lifetime of great vision today.    

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