Dr. Affleck treats infants

Can You See What I See?

How your baby views the world their first few weeks may surprise you. “When first born, a baby is still developing their sight,” Aaron J. Affleck, M.D. explains. Dr. Affleck is a local ophthalmologist for South Eastern Idaho. He has over 20 years of experience working with children, providing medical and surgical eye care. Dr. Affleck continues; “They are very sensitive to light and their central vision is blurry. However, most infant’s vision rapidly develops. In just a few weeks your baby’s pupils widen and the retinas develop. Showing them large patterns with extreme contrast can be a fun activity and may briefly get their attention.”

Try creating a infant visual card.

“Another interesting fact about newborns,” Dr. Affleck points out; “is your child’s eye color. They lack pigment and in time the true color develops.”

A Warning for new parents

“Parents should learn the stages of infants eye development. Misalignment is normal at first, but should not be constant and at one point stop occurring. Seeing the child’s pediatrician or family doctor on the prescribed time table is critical. At these visits the eye development is screened. Identifying vision problems early and addressing them can not be stressed enough.”

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